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Discovery Channel. History Channel. The Learning Channel. The Travel Channel.

DISH Flex Pack

Food Network. Florida Education Channel. University House. University of Washington TV. Country Music Television.

dish NET - satellite internet service from DISH!

Good Samaritan Network. Documentary Channel.

University of California. Classic Arts Showcase. Research Channel. Has always worked fine until I got the update and it told me this version was no longer compatible with my iPhone 5c. It asked me to download a new version and I did about six times and when I open it the same thing happens , update and download new version. It works fine on my wife's 5c. I have been updating this app everyday since November 22 and everyday it ask me to update and download the new version which I do everyday and it loads and immediately ask me to update again.

It is working now and allowing me to log in. I just keep getting the same annoying update. Please fix it or remove it. As of March, I downloaded the App again and it is working fine. Hi, I'm very sorry about this. I know this has been going on for a while, but we were finally able to get it resolved in version 2. Please let us know if you're having issues downloading the latest version, and I apologize again for the inconvenience.

Your website fairly easy to use. This has been very frustration since I am paying g fir Netflix and cannot use it. There might be channels in my entire package that I watch regularly, but I have to pay for all that mess I care nothing about!!!! Is there nothing DISH can do about that? If you do have an OnDemand channel for a movie channel you subscribe to, you have to pay to rent it! The "hopper" is not near as good as direct tv.

Sorry I moved and sorry I got into a contract that cost me more for programs I like then just staying with direct tv. If I had to recommend something it would be to stay far and wide from Dish.

Dish Network Internet

Their packages stink and the DVR service is way too complicated. I just called to tell them that I'd already switched to a cheap Comcast locals-only package plus shoppig and a lot of other stuff that's worse than useless. I hate Comcast a whole lot and Dish is always pretty decent when I call them they have competitors, so they have to be. I'd do no business at all with Comcast if there were any alternative for internet where I live, but there isn't.

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So, maybe I'll see if I can get a better total price with the added bonus that less would be going to Comcast. Unfortunately, figuring that out would mean dealing with Comcast's incredibly infuriating and time-wasting automated phone system that wants you to say exactly what you want, but only understands about three answers, none of which have ever been the reason I was calling. All their plans feature decent prices and above-average DVR equipment several times more storage than competitors like Charter Spectrum TV , although Spectrum offers better contract-free options.